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Check Out Our Large Selection Of Domestic and Imported Beer and Fine Wines

Beer & Wine

Ice cold beer and fine wines.

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We have a large selection of your favorite domestic
and imported beers. Always ice cold!

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Beer Kegs

Let us take care of all your beer
keg needs. We have beer
kegs in many sizes and
taps are available!

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Always Cold

Beer Cave

Check out our walk in beer cave. It’s stocked with all your favorite domestic and imported beers. Always fresh and ice cold!

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Premium Selection


We have a large selection
of premium fine wines. If
we don’t have your favorite label
let us know and we’ll order
it for you.

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Wine Orders

We can order any bottle or case of your favorite label. We have the best Wine here at the Captain’s. Call us today & let us take care of all your wine needs!

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We want to be your one
stop for all your beer and
wine needs. Our friendly
staff is ready to
serve you!

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Got a party? Need beer? Call us at 586-468-3066. We’ve got your favorite beer in cases or kegs

When the weekend is in sight; when the game seasons are in full swing, especially college games, you’ll make a hit when everyone comes to your place and sees all that nice ice cold beer just ready to be drunk.

Planning a family picnic or gonna be out all weekend on your boat and need to make sure food and drink are in abundant supply? Great. We’ve got your food for sure and we’ve got all the beer you like regular and lite in all the brands you enjoy.  

The boss at work is a pretty cool guy and let’s all of you know that the beer is on him for Friday because of the great work that’s been done. Whatever the activity or the event or for no reason at all except that you want a cold beer we’ve got what you want; cases and cases of it:

  • Budweiser
  • Bud Select
  • Bud Lite
  • Bud Lite Lime
  • Coors
  • Coors Lite
  • Miller High Life
  • Miller Lite
  • Pabst
  • Labatts Blue
  • Labatts Lite
  • Molson Canadian
  • Michelob Lite
  • Michelob Ultra
  • Heineken
  • Samuel Adams and more…

If you prefer kegs to cases of cans or bottles, we’ve got you covered. You can order your brand(s) in ¼ kegs and ½ kegs from us.  Call us at 586-468-3066 about three days before your game day party, your picnic or whatever the event and we’ll make sure your favorite beer is ready for you.

  • ¼ keg is equal to 3-1/2 cases of beer
  • 3-1/2 cases of beer is equal to 84 12oz. beers
  • ½ keg is equal to 7 cases of beer
  • 7 cases of beer is equal to 168 12oz. beers

Whatever your flavor and whatever your package call and order them from us. We’ve been doing beer for our customers for years and we know what you want and how you want it packaged. Case or Keg, we’ve got it with your name written on it.  Call us at 586-468-3066. Deposit on kegs.

Wine lovers come to us all the time and
purchase their particular brand and flavor of wines.

What a convenience to just call in at 586-468-3066 and
place your wine order 
and find it ready to when you here.

Along with our huge liquor and beer selections, we have the best and nicest selection of wines. We carry wines of the world and you can order them from us.

  • Italian Wine
  • French Wine
  • Spanish wine
  • German Wine
  • Greek Wine
  • Albanian Wine
  • Montenegro Wine
  • USA Wine
  • Canadian Wine and more…

Chardonnays, Merlots, and Cabernets are all available to order. Whatever your palate, we’ve got the wine to satisfy it.  You can even call and special order your brand of wine and we’ll get it for you.

One brand of sweet wine that we carry and feature that our customers can call and order is 19 Crimes Wine. 19 Crimes is a blend of ShirazCabernet Sauvignon and Grenache from South Eastern Australia. The wine is aged in 100% American oak and has 12.0 g/L of residual sugar. You can order it and begin a collection of the bottles because each has the face of a real criminal on the front.

We’ve gone way back and very far to make sure we satisfy your tastes in wine. And, we’ve made it convenient to get. Just call at 586-468-3066 and place your wine order with us. We’ve got you covered.

So, if you’re thinking about a relaxing bottle of your favorite everyday wine after work or that workout when you get home? Great! Call and order it from us at 586-468-3066 and we’ll have it ready when you get to the store.

Looking for an exotic wine? That’s good; because you’ll find that we carry those, too. We’re bagging or boxing it up for you as we speak. Call and place your wine order with us today. 586-468-3066.

If it’s an exotic taste you’re looking for or if it’s that great taste of your everyday brand of wine, we’ve got it and you can order it from us anytime.  

Captain’s Party Store has the best selection of beer and it’s always cold. I always stop there and stock up before I go on the boat. Love those guys!

Chris P.

St. Clair Shores, Michigan

They always have my favorite reds on hand and now I don’t buy wine anywhere else.

Melissa W.

Clinton Township, Michigan

I love going into the beer cave especially in the summer!

Raphael N.

Warren, Michigan

Captain’s Party Store ordered a case of the chardonnay that I absolutely love! Thank you so much!

Carolyn W.

Grosse Pointe, Michigan


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