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Place your order with us and you’ll always place your order with us. We do orders the way you like them, because we do orders for our customers better than anyone

When you call us at 586-468-3066 to place your order, you’ll get our friendly and courteous people to take your order down just the way you like it. If you decide that you want clams with your seafood order, we’ll get clams to go with your order. Place your order for seafood and tell us that you have expensive taste for lobster. That’s no problem for us because you are placing your order for what you want and we do what you want all day long.

Just think about placing an order for one or two fruit trays for your BFFs that you haven’t seen since college. Tell us that you want cantaloupe and honeydew melon with your strawberries, and some blueberries, too. Then you might want the other tray with strawberry cream cheese dip with your strawberries and apple slices all around. We’ll take that order and get it just right for you. Just call ahead and price and place your order. We can have it ready for you to come and pick up or we can deliver your order to you.

Just so that you’ll be confident, we’ll repeat the order back to you ensuring that we got it right just how you gave it to us. Our customers satisfaction is our commitment. That’s why we’ll do any order you desire. We have fruit and vegetable trays and seafood trays, yes. But we’re full of delicious food for you.

Your old buddies have just come into town and you want to treat them to something quick and delicious. You remember all those times when the guys got together had pizza and beer and watched the game. We’ve got the best pizza in Harrison Township with lots of toppings to choose from. Just call ahead and place your order for the number of pizzas you want and we’ll get it. When you call us at 586-468-3066 and order our delicious pizza, don’t forget to order the beer, too. You can order bottles or cans of beer, regular and lite, but you can also order keg beer for your get together.

Whatever the order you want to place we’ll do it for you. Just call ahead and we’ll make any kind of tray that you want. We put your satisfaction in every order. Just call us at 586-468-3066.


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